Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updates from January

Can it really be February 1st? It's time for a recap on last month. My little flower was been growing and changing so much! Within the past few weeks she started pulling herself up into a kneeling position and sometimes even managing to stand up on her own. More about her updates Friday for her NINE month old day!!
This month has been so different than last. We've enjoyed a very mild, spring-like January. It's been so nice! I've also noticed that the sun is setting much later than it did a few weeks ago. Another sure sign that spring is in the air.
This month my hubby and I had two bridal fairs for our DJ company "Spin N Play". We met so many potiential clients, many of which we have already heard from. God is so good! It amazes us at how faithful He is and how He truly provides for our every need. It has been such a relief to have the DJ business as a source of income, as I am a stay at home mommy now. Check out our new website:
The first week in January I started babysitting for a friend's daughter, who just turned one. She is the sweetest little girl, and is becoming Anya's best friend. Since I enjoy staying busy, and giving Anya social time, this little job has been a great blessing.
My hubby is working hard with his students for their upcoming musical "Oliver!" In years past they did "Footlose", "Guys and Dolls", "Oklahoma", and "Wizard of Oz". I can honestly say, all biases aside that this is going to be the best show they've put on because my hubby is the lead director this year. He has such a talent for leading, directing, visioning, performing, creating (I could go on and on!) He has been working long hours, so it's just been me and my girl at home with Charlie Bear. I'm looking forward to the beginning of March when I have him home by 4:30!!!
As I look ahead to the upcoming months, I realize Anya's first birthday is coming faster than I thought! I guess now I need to narrow down my birthday party "Pins" and get crackin' on my ideas!!

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