Wednesday, August 1, 2012

15 months

Dear Anya,
In two days you will be 15 months old!  You are such a joy to be around and make our family more adventurous, exciting, and fun!  Over the last two months you have started lots of baby talk.  You love to copycat us and put on shows for us.  You love clapping your hands, marching, dancing, and trying to jump.  It's cute to watch you spin in circles because you walk in a big circle, but we think in your mind it's a tight spin.  We love your cute smile with the wrinkled nose...and those teeth...and that gap.  TOO CUTE! 

Your favorite toys are your farm set, tower spinner that you put balls down, books, puzzles, and ball-shape sorter.  We can ask you to get us just about any toy and you will find it and give it to us (farm animals by name, balls, shape ball, baby, tractor, book, puzzle, the list goes on and on).  Even the little toys in your water table (bee, fishy, cups).  The other day I told you to "lift up the top of the toy box" and you started to lift up your shirt, because I always say "lift up your arms" when we take off your shirt.  I thought that was really neat to see you understand the words "lift up". 

Anya you are a bottomless pit.  You can eat literally all day if I let you.  When we go to the pool you leave the pool area and walk right up to strangers with food.  They probably think I never feed you!  It's hard to name your favorite foods because you seem to love and try just about anything (yogurt, cheese, crackers, PBJ, spaghetti, mango, avacado, black beans, cuties, grapes, watermelon....the list goes on).  Since 8 months you eat whatever we eat for dinner, which I think has helped you be such a great eater.  Lately you have started to feed yourself with a fork and spoon.  You love drinking out of mommy's straw water bottle. 

You are a great sleeper!  I think it is finally safe to say that!  You sleep from 6:30/7:00 pm until 6:00/7:30, straight through.  You have a morning nap from 9:00-11:00 and an afternoon nap from 1:00-3:00.  I am not kidding when I say you are a great napper and sleeper!  Maybe it's because you are SO active.  You do not to know how to sit still...sorry, you get that from me.  You have never watched a TV show in your life and would much rather play and engage in the world around you...which I love! 
In a week we will be going to your 15 month doctor appointment.  I can't wait to see how much you've grown over the last 3 months! 
Love you,

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