Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Anya, Happy TWO Months!

Dear Anya,
Two months already?  You are growing so quickly but every moment is such a joy!  Daddy and I love seeing all of your new milestones.  It seems like everyday you are changing and doing something new.  Now that Daddy is home for the summer, you are getting lots of cuddles and playtime with him.  You love when he gives you a bath...you've even started splashing the water with your legs as you watch yourself in the mirror (we put your tub on the counter).  This month has been a fussy one for you with your reflux, spit up, and sometimes you don't even have a reason you just like to fuss and cry...knocking out your paci which drives you crazy!! Let's just say you are teaching us about patience. Luckily for you (and us) you have just begun to suck your thumb and boy do you look cute!  Early this month you learned how to roll over tummy to back, roll to your side from back to side.  You've really started to fall in love with me and Daddy...as you always smile when you hear our voices.  You love when we hold you facing out so you can see the world.  Going outside always makes you stop crying.  When Mommy holds you in the cradle position when patting your back you always fall asleep.  Mommy has heard you giggle in your sleep- it sounds TOO cute!!!  Today you started making noises while smiling so I think you are able to laugh...I can't wait!  Sometimes when you cry you say "moooommmmmm" it's adorable and such a coincidence but we laugh.  Your favorite toy is your play mat...you kick your legs to the music and hit the rattles with your hands.  Mommy and Daddy love reading to you during the day and at night and most of the time you cry- hopefully you will grow to love books.  We've started working on having you imitate sounds that we make...you love trying to make clicking sounds with your tongue like mommy (you've just discovered your tongue). Tonight for the first time you cried yourself to sleep without us having to come in and soothe you.  You wake up once in the middle of the night to eat and again in the early morning hours (we're hoping longer stretches are coming soon.)  You are in cloth diapers now and the colors look precious on you.  Your outfits are 0-3 and some even 3-6!!  You sleep in your crib in your nursery now, as you outgrew your bassinet early on.  This month you are going to meet all of Mommy's family in Cinci and family from Canton for 4th of July.  It will be your first vacation and we're praying you do well. 
We love you and can't wait to see all of the new joys month 3 brings!
Kisses and cuddles,

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