Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go...

It's official...Anya survived her first camping trip...and boy did she love it! The dirt, the rocks, the lovey dovey attention, yummy camping food, you name it this girl loved it. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous bringing my newly-turned-one year old camping. Tent camping, not cabin camping. But I looked at it as if she was my fourth child. By then the baby will be toted around everywhere we go.
It was our first annual Harrington Family camping trip. I grew up camping with my grandparents, family, and cousins, and I am so happy to know that Anya will have similar experiences growing up. My family enjoys escaping from the busyness and media centered world from time to time, to focus on things that are more important. We saw God's beautiful creation during our hiking trips...even saw a snake in the water....yikes! Our campground was seriously the best location in the whole park. We had three sites and a huge tree that provided some much needed shade during the day (temps were near 100degrees).
I am so thankful we brouhgt Anya's water table along. She had a blast splashing the water and tried very hard to climb inside it!
Each day a different family had to plan/ prepare the meals. Who knew pancakes made over the campfire would be so delish?! We made buffalo and BBQ wings over the fire, in the dark...not a good combination for someone who hates raw chicken! Next year I think I might pre-cook the chicken???
There were a few times we escaped from the camping world to check out the cutest town ever in Brown County. Us girls loved going into the shops. Our guys went into a brewery so we decided that would make the perfect opportunity for a baby photo shoot. Afterwards we were spoiled with huge ice cream cones. This is what I got after asking for one scoop on a sugar cone:-)
Anya tried ice cream for the first time...her face and my hands were covered. This town has so much character and charm.
Thank you so much to all of our Veteran's and soldiers past and present. Thank you for your service and love for our country. We are so blessed by you!!!!

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