Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all:-) & Tea for Three

Yesterday was the first day of fall and I am thrilled!  I love everything that this time of year brings.  Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, bright colored leaves, costumes, hot apple!!
This September we have been SUPER busy!  Praise God our DJ business is flurishing...we've had a wedding every weekend since August 31st, which started with a double header.  Staying home with Anya Violet has been such a blessing, and thank God He is providing for all of our needs.  We are looking forward to October when things will slow down for us, and we are hoping to keep it that way.  We do have one BIG event sister Cindy's baby shower.  That's right, I'm going to be an Auntie!  She finds out Friday whether she's having a girl or boy.  I'm guessing boy (but I'm always wrong, so it's probably a!)

My sister Katie and I have been creating and preparing for our Flea Market Shop "Tea for Three", and we are having a shopping party in mid- October.  I can't wait to show my girlfriends what we have been working on all summer!  Here's a look at SOME of the pretties we are selling:

We have book page crafts.

 A door just wanting to be turned into a shelf, head board, or a table.
 Or perhaps you're a photographer, and this beauty can be your backdrop.
 I love this ornate mirror.  It would look so pretty in a bathroom.

 We have antique windows.  They add a lot of charm to a space. 
 This chalky coral high chair is one of my faves.  I can just picture a precious little girl sitting in it on her birthday.  I so wish I had this when Anya turned one. 
And I will not be too bummed if it doesn't sell;-)
 Antique finds....
 Chalkboards, who doesn't want one of these in their homes these days?  Thanks to Pinterest!
 Each has its own character. 
 Chicken wire frames for recipes, momentos, and pictures.  BTW- those are lampshade frames to the left and they have gorgeous structure.  They would be so fun hanging in the corner of a room from the ceiling.
 BLUE MASON JARS!  Need I say more?

 Oh, here's that high chair again.  I just had to see what Anya would look like in it.  PRECIOUS!  There is a fatigued engraving of a heart where her head is. 

 This chalkboard is so sunny and fun!  LOVE it both vertically and horizontally:-)
Happy Fall Y'all!!

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