Tuesday, September 16, 2014

August 2014

Oops!  I am a *little* late in posting our family recap for August.  This was a big month for us! 

Josh began his new career with Farmer's Insurance and loves it!  God continues to amaze us and He guides us along the narrow way.  Josh feels a strong calling to what he is doing, and it's awesome to see the passion in what he does.  
Like every month during the summer we had our flea market shop!  What a great month it was...and beautiful weather too!  Always a success there:-)  Katie is amazing at what she does.
Oliver turned ONE last month, and continually amazes us with his joyfulness.  Jolly Ollie!  We had a family party at the petting zoo/ park nearby and had a great time.
We also went on a family vacation with my parents and sister Katie to Door County.  What a blessing that was to get away and enjoy good quality family time.  We enjoyed visiting the eclectic coffee shop in walking distance from our inn every morning, and ice cream at Wilson's for dessert.  Al Johnson's for breakfast, and walking around and enjoying the sights of  Lake Michigan and the shops.   We even got a date night at an outdoor winery!   This month Josh and I took a day away and went downtown to celebrate his belated birthday and new job.  We visited Didi at her salon and then went to dinner at Melting Pot.  
Anya started Preschool with me at home.  She is so eager to learn and frequently asks if we can do Preschool rather than play.  Crazy girl;-)
We made our trip out to Didi's house later in the month to celebrate all of the August and September birthdays (Nana, Oliver's, and mine).  For those of you who are new to reading my blog, Didi is Josh's biological mother whom we met December 2012!!  We have developed great relationships with her entire family.  We are blessed that they live in the Chicagoland area so we see them often!  It's been an amazing ride!  
We found a new church home just ten minutes away from our house (it's amazing to be SO close to church!!)  It has a similar style to our old church and we are anxious to get plugged in!  Next week we start our marriage group.  Our heart will always be at Christ Community Church and we hope and pray to one day be apart of that community again.  Best. Church.  Ever!!!
At the end of the month we did a surprise service project at my in-laws house.  People from the church helped us serve them...because they do so much for everyone it was time for us to give back.  My kids now have a wonderful play area in their backyard for them to use when we visit them.  

As for me...my two littles are keeping me SO busy!  I hardly have time anymore to do the things I love, like take pictures and blog....or just breathe for that matter;-)  But it's a good problem to have and I am so blessed by my loves.  I'm sure I'll look back and say this was definitely one of the more challenging times but one of the best!

So that was our August in a nutshell...:-)  

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