Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

It's the end of March and we've been celebrating that SPRING is finally here.  Well, sort of...at times.  Well, at least we know that there is HOPE of an end to winter coming soon.  

We started off the month with a little Dr. Seuss birthday celebration.  The kids made these Cat in the Hat "outfits".  I wish I had a video to show how crazy a simple craft like this is for these two (well, really just for Ollie).  He's into everything.  I'm still shocked I actually was able to get a picture of the two of them. Together. Looking at the camera.  I had so many outtakes before I got this shot, Ollie didn't want his on.  (then I said, "Hey! Let's go show Papa your hats you made!" and they stood right by the gate with pride for their accomplishment.
Too cute!!

 This kid cracks me up.  He was just sitting in this bowl like it's normal or something.  Like everyone does this.  And somehow he made it look comfy. HA!  I'm sure right after this he went back in the cabinet and spilled sprinkles everywhere, because that's what Ollie does best!

 This is one of their favorite activities,  "helping" Mommy do the dishes.   They love it but I'm not going to lie, it makes such a mess afterwards and sometimes if it's worth it.  They are wet, the floor is wet.  Oliver doesn't understand the concept of keeping the water in the sink.  Need I say more?

Temperatures are warming up...40s?  You can tell we live in the midwest.  40s hit and we get the bikes down and all the toys out to play!  It's so nice to get fresh air after being inside all winter.  I love when the snow melts.  But hang tight we have some more crazy back-n-forth with the weather you'll see.
 WooHoo!!!  Pentatonix concert for our Christmas gift with Josh's little sis Lauren and Didi!!!  We had such a blast and even had VIP!  

 We had such great seats...I love how well this pic turned out!
Outdoor playtime with these two.  Snow is melting!!!

 Ollie spilled sesame seeds all over the floor.  Then grabbed the broom to sweep it up.  
At least he's cute!!!
 Kitchen sink bathtime!  Love when the kids are little and they can just have baths in the sink.  Ollie of course had to turn the water on and off the whole time.  Always exploring, this one.
 Warmed up enough to go to the park!  Last big snow pile.  The kids were excited to hear a woodpecker on the trees.  Spring is coming!  
It's getting to be much easier to manage Oliver at parks now that he's walking, but since he has NO fear I still have to shadow him and watch his every move.  This kid is fearless I tell ya.

The kids LOVE splashing in puddles.  This was such a fun day because the weather had warmed up to the upper 60s but we still had snow so it reminded me of weather in Colorado!  Making memories in the mud.  Fun times:)

 We made strawberry smoothie-pops and they turned out really good. Strawberries and Greek yogurt in the food processor then freeze.  They were convinced it was strawberry ice cream.  
Love healthy treats! 
 Mani/pedi night with my girl.  We absolutely love this quality time together with our high quality H2O, fun polishes, and of course a Thieves for foot massage. 

On the warmest night yet we took an evening walk and saw a gorgeous sunset.  We played for a few mins at the park and saw deer walk across this field.  Absolutely beautiful!

 It's Charlie the cutest?  He's such a sweet boy showing off his clean coat!  We are so lucky to have him in our family. 

My Essential Rewards order this month came with some fun new oils and products.  I'm loving Peace and Calming I think I'll order it every month.  We use it at bedtime for relaxation and for anxiety/ stress.  Works as a great perfume too!  
 Aunt Cindy, Mary, and Baby Anna came!  I finally after TWO months met my new niece Anna.  Life has been so crazy here with my in-laws in and out of the hospital that Cindy came to visit us.  It was such a blessing to have spent 5 days with them.  And can you believe I don't have one picture of us adults?  That shows how busy we are chasing after these young-ins!

We took them to our favorite park Diecke Park in Huntley.  Anya calls it Zekey park because we always used to meet up with her BFF and have play dates at this park.  Now that his family moved away...breaks my heart to hear her say that   :(  
(Miss you Michelle!!!)
Love this picture of Josh with Ollie!

 I can't get over how much Anya looks like my sister Katie in this picture!!! 

Helping Gigi prepare the yard for what will be our garden 2015.  
 And it's winter again.  I think we got about 5-6 inches.  
 The birds were singing like crazy.  It was weird how to looked like the dead of winter but sounded like spring's sweet song.  I think they were very confused!
 The kids always love the snow.  Funny how it doesn't even bother them.  They are happy with whatever!  

 Charlie loves the snow and demands that I throw him continual 
snowballs the entire time he's outside.  

The morning of Gigi's birthday Anya said "Happy birthday Gigi, I want to make you cupcakes".  This sweet little girl, always wanting to do special things for other people.  So cupcakes she made.  This girl sure can bake!!
Gigi reading with Ollie the night of her birthday.  He loves this time as much as she does!
March did end up warming up!  We'll see if it stays that way, I sure hope so! 

God has been so good to us.  These precious moments with our extended family this month, I am so grateful.   Although this stage with the kids brings many challenges, it also brings about a new excitement as we approach different seasons and stages of life.  I love their curiosity and joy!
Thank you God for pouring out your grace on me this month. Each day. Continually. Thank you for being our firm foundation is which supports us and holds us together when life gets crazy.  I turn to you as we approach a new month.  May you be glorified with our life!

Friends, I hope you had a wonderful March!

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