Friday, August 28, 2015

Oliver is TWO!

Dear Precious Boy,
Earlier this month you turned TWO! Time is going all too quickly.  These two years flashed before me like a second.  Now you are a little boy and no longer a baby.  
You are now in size 24mos/ 2T clothes, size 6/7 shoe, and big boy underwear!  If I documented better I'd know for sure your height and weight, but life is all too busy for those details (sorry Ollie!)  You are roughly 28lbs, and above average in height.  You were the EASIEST child to potty train and have been interested in going on the potty for a few months now, I just needed to be ready.  But it clicked very quickly and you take pride in your new underpants and potty skills ;)  You still sleep in a crib and suck your two fingers while cuddling "Tigey".  You have become a picky eater and don't like certain food textures...not sure what's up with that?  You have a sweet tooth and love cookies and "ich crem" (ice cream). And you love dips!  You don't watch much TV because you have better things to do, but when you do you ask for "Barney Show".  Now that you are two you are talking very well, and we can understand you.  You are also pretty clever so we have to be careful what we say around you!  You are also an AWESOME sleeper!  You go to bed around 8pm and sleep most days until 9am, sometimes even 10am!  It's cra-zy!  You still love your afternoon nap as well, typically from 2-5pm, most days even later.  I sound like I'm bragging but it's true, you are just that great/easy of a kid!  
Last night as a one year old!  And Mommy waking you up as a two year old.  Like I said, you sleep late and we wanted to get to the fair :)

Since you love farms and animals we took you to the McHenry County Fair for your birthday.  Gigi and Aunt Katie joined us.  Since it was during the day everyone else was at work.  You dressed like a little cowboy, it was so cute!!  You loved seeing and petting the cows, sheep, and goats.  You even went on your first ride and loved it.

 After the fair we had Gigi, Papa and Aunt Katie join us for dinner at our house with us and Papa Nilsson.

 You kept asking for a firetruck cake, so a firetruck cake Anya and I made you;)  

 You love all of your new toys!  Lots of animals for you to play with now (and Hulk!)

Happy second sweet Oliver!
I love you!

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