Thursday, September 23, 2010

With God...ALL things are POSSIBLE!!!

My whole life changed the morning before my birthday. It was Labor Day, 7:00a.m and I was laying in bed, thinking what I had been thinking for the last 2 weeks... where the heck is my period?!?! I decided to take a pregnancy test, because I didn't know what else to do. I decided to clip my nails as I waited patiently (in the past I was shaking with excitement to see what it read, but I recently found out the chances of us getting pregnant was nearly impossible so I was totally anticipating a negative.) I gave in early and glanced over 10 seconds later at the test, I saw that it said PREGNANT! I couldn't even believe my eyes!!! I instantly starting screaming, shaking, and laughing... it was all so surreal. Josh who was still asleep, jumps out of bed saying "NO WAY, NO WAY!!!" I told him to test with another brand to make sure it was accurate (even though I knew you can't get false negatives). Instantly it read POSITIVE!!!

We couldn't how good God was!! We were so excited and our entire perspective changed. I reflected on moments over the past month of what God had been teaching me, and how He used a translator in Haiti, and a girl in Arkansas that I don't even know to give me faith for children.

The first "messanger" was a 26-year old, Haitian man named "Emmanuel". He is one of the most God-focused men that I have ever meant, and considering what he has all been through with the earthquake, it's truly a testimony. This man knows God's Word so well, he practically has it memorized (they don't have modern technologies to distract them... it's awesome!) He asked me if I have children, I briefly told him our situation and he looked at me and said that I need to have faith and say that I WILL have children. He then told me that the next time I come to Haiti, I will bring my children. I was thinking he was just being sweet, and clearly didn't understand the situation Josh and I were in. He reminded me of women in the Bible who were barren and God preformed a miracle and they had children. The next day Emmanuel wrote me a long prayer letter, asking God to bless me with children. He ended his letter with "By the grace of God, I will get to meet my children, and my children's children." It was really cool!

The second "messanger" is a women whose blog I follow. Her story is such an inspiration. Her and her husband struggled for years to have children. God blessed them with a miracle- a healthy baby girl who is now 2. She found out early this summer that they are pregnant again. On her blog she mentions that she is praying for all the women reading her blog who are still waiting for their baby, and couples who have struggled to conceive. She left her readers with this verse "With God ALL things are possible" and told me (I felt like she was talking directly to me!) that the verse in context is referring to people who struggle with fertility. For the next few weeks, I kept thinking about this and little did I know... God was knitting what the world says is "impossible" POSSIBLE... my little baby miracle!!!

So, I end this way...To all sceptics out there: This story is living proof that ALL things are possible with God! May this blog be an encouragement and a blessing to you!!

*** More Baby Updates to COME!!
P.S. This picture is so embarrasing... totally like me to have something on my shirt! Yes, I do realize I am not showing yet... these are the "before" pictures!

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  1. Awww.... I'm so excited that we got to hear the play by play. ;0) How sweet...God is good and He gives us all we need. He is always faithful. Love you guys!