Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brand New Pencils, Brand New Books...

Anyone read that book by Diane DeGroat? A must read for young ones on the first day!

So aside from brand new pencils & books, today my wonderful SMARTBoard was installed! It was a pleasant surprise getting it installed before school starts tomorrow. I'm so HAPPY:-) I can't wait to fiddle with it and figure it out!

Wow...It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of school! I can honestly say that this summer has been so fulfilling and the perfect length. I was able to do so much (oh, how I LOVE having summers off!!) Last year at this time, I was just hired (2 days before school started to be exact) it was such a blessing and I was so excited, but stressed with preparations and everything. The start of this year has been so much more refreshing. I have been able to actually get organized in my room. I didn't show anyone my cabinets last year... because I stuffed and fluffed:-) This year in my room I have a monkey theme going. I made two, large 3-D trees in my room that are AWESOME!! I will try to upload a video of my room.

Tomorrow is an exciting day at North Grove. We invite parents to come to the school with their child, sort of Open House style. It's an awesome way to establish a strong parent-teacher connection, literally from day 1. We only have school til 11:30. Thursday will mark our first day of full day. I can't wait to meet my new little monkeys and put a face with the name!

Thanks for listening to my spaghetti tonight (jumping from one noodle to the next like normal)
To all you teachers out there... let's make this year the BEST it can be for our kids!!
Good night!

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  1. :) Awww....that makes me miss teaching! :) I hope you have a wonderful year, and those children are blessed to have such a wonderful and loving teacher! (that goes for Josh too!)