Monday, August 9, 2010

Reflections from Haiti- July 26th-July 27th

Monday and Tuesday of our trip was spent at King's Garden Orphanage. It was great to see the same smiling faces as last year, with some new ones too! We spent the morning getting to know the kids and talking to them. We had a large group time with the kids where we sang songs: "Love the Lord Your God", "Every Move I Make", "I am Free", and "Lord I Lift Your Name on High". Afterwards we played "Sharks and Minos" with the kids. Josh always does a great job with the kids. He gets down on the ground and plays with them... a big kid! We grouped the kids based on age/ gender for rotations: 1.) art- where they made journals and wrote letters to kids at our church. This is what I was incharge of. 2.) teambuilding- cup game, high rope, and other teambuilding activities. This is what Josh was incharge of. 3.) sports/ games
In the afternoon the older girls did a study on Ruth. They painted nails, made friendship bracelets, hairties, and just had fun! The older boys studied David and played sports. The young kids learned about Jonah and made fish out of paper plates, and bead necklaces with ocean beads (Josh and I were in this group). We also played limbo with our group. I'll let the pictures speak for themself...

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  1. WOW...I love the pics! :) You two are such a blessing to all that are around you!! We miss you LOTS! Hey if we want to plan a weekend trip to meet up in the middle, we should do it soooooon :). XOXO