Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glimpses from our Christmas

Was it a white Christmas for you this year?  We did not have one, and have yet to have a snowstorm.  We did get some big cotton-like flakes that came down a few days before Christmas.  It lasted just long enough for us to get Anya in her snowsuit and get a few pictures. 

 Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tony came in from KY!  Cindy made Anya an ornament for her 1st Christmas!
 Aren't Katie's gifts wrapped so PINTERESTingly?  She is so crafty!  We didn't want to ruin the beautiful job she did.

 Every year Cindy wraps her gifts for us like pieces of candy.  I had to get a picture of her handing them out.
 Anya got bubbles from Aunt Cindy.
 Anya enjoyed being the center of all the action.  She did great with her messed up schedule.  She's such a happy baby when we are over at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 Isn't Katie so creative?  I love the star she made for my tree.
 I made Mom and Dad a scrapbook with their wedding photos.
 Before bed, Cindy read Anya a Christmas pop-out story that she gave her. 
 "Blitzen's Bar" was the Hot Chocolate Bar that Katie and I created.  We had wine, Baileys, hot chocolate, coffee, and apple cider.

 Cindy made a Gingerbread house that we decorated on Christmas.
 Happy little Anya feeding herself pears.  YUM!

On Christmas day my sisters and I got all glamed up.  It was like playing dress up.  Katie has tons of pretty dresses, shoes, and jewelry...plus she is a hair stylist so we had lots of fun!

 This is my Vitameatavegamin pose.  "It's so tasty too!  Tastes just like candy."

 We had to do a stair pose like when we were kids.
 Typically my head would be chopped off...but Josh got it in the picture!
 We decorated the Gingerbread house while the guys watched Football.

 The gingerbread men were doing snow angels.
 Anya with Grandma and Grandpa Nilsson.  She loves seeing them!

 Dad made his famous Cornish Hens...and they were SO good!
 Katie and Tommy love getting pictures with Anya.  Well, I know Katie does and I think Tommy just goes along with it.  What a nice boyfriend!

What did you do to celebrate Christmas!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a blessed New Year!  Happy 2012!

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