Friday, March 7, 2014

Oliver is 7 Months!

Dear Oliver,

Happy 7th month of life little guy!  This has been by far the best month yet.  You are growing more and more independent and it's been a joy to watch your personality develop!  

You are such a laid back baby, very easy going, easy to read, and easy to make smile!  I LOVE YOU!

 Likes: Anya, Charlie, Eating, Toys, Sitting Up, Sleeping on tummy, Sucking on his fingers

 Dislikes: Seeing Mommy and not being held

Your Stats: 9-12 month clothes, size 3-4 diaper, shoe size 2-3...only wore shoes once or twice just about 18lbs, 27inches long.

Nicknames: Baby Ollie, Ollie J, Oliver James, Ollie boy, Little O, OJ

You loves eating fruits and veggies and starting to drink water from a sippy last month.  You still nurse about every 3 hours.  Lately you have been sleeping like a Champ!  12 hours through the night.  It's amazing!  

I swear when you woke up from your nap you looked at me and said "Wah, wah...Mama!"  Maybe coincidence, but it was crystal clear.  Very cute regardless!

And for's a picture of Anya at 7 months:

I love you Oliver James!  

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