Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 on 10::June 2014 {Moving Day}

I'm a VERY late on posting my tenth pictures...but I remembered...and it was moving day so I've been busy to say the least.

I'm glad the tenth fell on our moving day so that I have pictures to remember this day by...

{Morning Snuggles}
  Our last morning in our bed at our house.  I'm glad this picture turned out blurry because I'm a mess...

Josh made us breakfast.  I'm glad we decided to wait on packing all of our pans. 

 We transferred all of our kids heights from Anya's bedroom wall to their growth chart made by Aunt Katie.
Josh told Anya to say "Bye Bye" to her room and that we were packing everything up to take it to our new house in Papa and Gigi's basement...a.k.a. "The Studio".  And the she preceded to say "bye bye" to every room in the house.  

Our last moment together in our house as a family (I couldn't back the tears in this moment.)  My wall collage was the last thing we packed up.

Our first house 

I. love. my. Kirby.  If you have a Golden Retriever and toddlers...you need one of these. We bought ours for a fraction of the cost on Amazon.

This little guy gets into everything now.  The oven was not on!

While we were getting settled, Gigi helped feed the kids after she got off work.  

It was a crazy busy tenth and I'm glad I could finally find time to post about it.
We are now settled in to our new space and loving it!

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  1. Wow! You guys seem to have settled in quite well on your new home. Packing your pans at the last minute was indeed a wise move. Haha! At least you were able to cook breakfast for one last time. Anyway, how’s the new home so far? I do hope everything and everyone are doing well and settling. All the best! :D
    Amos Daniel @ Jamie Hooper Re/Max Crest Realty Westside