Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anya Violet is 3 {and a half}

Three and a half.  
How can six months go by so quickly?  We just celebrated her golden birthday, didn't we?
She is growing up so quickly and it's such a joy to watch.

Anya is obsessed with all things Elsa (like all girls these days). 
Her favorite color is blue...Elsa blue.
She eats pretty much all of Mommy's cooking, but has gotten pickier in the last few months.  
Anya loves bath time with Oliver, dancing and singing, and helping us with "ideas" for the flea market.  She cracks us up when she tells us that the acorn she put on the hutch will help it to sell at the flea market....for $40.  She loves modeling for Tea for Three too!
She loves her baby dolls that she calls "the twins".  A boy and a girl doll.  She's more attached to the boy baby and pretends he's Oliver.

Anya is in size 4T, shoe size 10.  Maybe 36lbs, not sure of height but she's tall like a 4 year old.

Anya is playful, social, and mature in her conversation.  She still throws temper tantrums, but I think they are happening less often.  Fingers crossed! She is an early riser and has grown out of naps (not a fun combo). She has a tendency to over love Ollie with hugs and trying to pick him up...constantly knocking him over.  Poor guy!  She loves going on Daddy Daughter dates when she fills her marble jar.  Anya loves learning and could literally do preschool all day and be happy.  She is very proud of herself for learning how to write letters.  It's very exciting!  She loves doing puzzles, watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", and playing "go fish" with Mommy.

I can't get enough of our morning cuddles and her long soft curls.  
Cherishing every moment.
Love this girl.


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