Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas in Chicago & still no Sheepy

Yesterday, Josh and I kept our Christmas Tradition alive by going downtown for Christkindlemarket & shopping. We wanted to find some type of security blanket for our baby, a Sheepy, if you will.
When I was a baby, my mom was changing sheets on the bed and I started holding it and sucking my thumb. I wanted to carry the sheet around with me. My mom said "That is a sheet." And I said "sheepy." She didn't want me to be dragging around a big sheet so she gave me a temporary blankie, one of my dad's undershirts and it stuck.... "Sheepy."
This was the first year that it! It was that just above freezing rain... the coldest rain you can have. We still had a great time, jumping over puddles, and trying to eat our German Brauts with our nearly frozen fingers. We went to Old Navy and found some great buys for Josh. And had the best yogurt in Chicago... in the basement of Macy's- fresh strawberry yogurt! SO good! We looked in Macy's for a Sheepy, but had no luck. Maybe Babies R Us?

Before leaving Chicago, we made sure to get another braut for dinner. Yes they are just THAT good! For dessert, our favorite is the Warm Cheese Strudel.The cheese strudel is very messy but when you are already soaking to your bones, you just don't care what your powder sugared lips (or in my case, cheeks and forehead too) look like, plus is is so good.

We left a little earlier than we normally do, because we were soaked and I was sore and tired. For the first time ever, we did NOT have to run and catch the train...10 minutes to spare. Getting home early was nice because we were able to change into dry clothes, cuddle in blankets, and watch some Christmas movies.

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