Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Update: 32 Weeks

As I type my little Tigger is STRETCHING and kicking.  Her head is down (I had a dr. appointment last Thursday) back is to the left, butt is straight up, and legs & hands are kicking to the right.  Thank God that she is head down... that was so exciting for me to hear at the dr. app!!  At that appointment I saw the more relaxed dr and I thought it was going to be the typical baby monitoring and contraction monitoring.  Since these appointments typically last 45 mins I told Josh that he could meet me at the office (since he would be coming from work).  I got there a little early and they called me right away into the room.  I noticed the monitor wasn't there and the dr said I didn't need to do it since my fetal fibro test came back NEGATIVE!!!  That was so exciting to hear:-)  She measured me and said I was measuring perfect, heartbeat was loud and strong, and she said everything else looks good.  She told me that I could do light activity around the house to see if it causes any contractions.  The dr also wasn't concerned about me being dilated.  This has been so reassuring.  It's hard because since I have 4 doctors they all kind of have different philosophies and personalities.  Every doctor seems to tell me something different, or have a different approach to my situation.  I'm just thankful that I am starting my eigth month.  If she were to come now I am trusting God that she would be fine.   She received the steroid shots for her lungs a month ago, and has always measured and weighed a week advanced.  Thank you God for getting us through another week.  Thank you that she is strong and healthy!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 3rd trimester, 32 Weeks, starting my eigth month!!

Size of baby: She is over 3.75 pounds~ the weight of a large jicama & is 16.7 inches long

Clothes: I am still loving comfy pants with t-shirts and always wearing my slippers!!

Gender: It's a girl!!! Her name is a surprise:-)

Movement: She is VERY active.  We call her Tigger because she is always doing what Tiggers do best:-D

Sleep: Up to this point I have been sleeping very well!
What I miss: Cleaning the house... I can tell my nesting instinct is kicking into gear!!  It's hard to do since I am on bed rest.  I try to do a few things each day. 

Cravings: This week I have been craving deli sandwiches... especially the Skinny Turkey Sub from Potbellies!! YUMMY in my tummy!  And salads from Sweet Tomatoes.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, emotional at times, Josh said I'm starting to waddle...NO!!!!

Best Moment this week: I can't pick just one!!!  When Josh's parents came to visit me on Friday.  His dad went grocery shopping for me and brought home tons of food- including some yummy snacks- BBQ pringles & string cheese! Last Saturday I went to see Josh's musical with my family and Josh's parents.  They did Wizard of Oz and it was so good!  I really enjoyed getting out of the house.  We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner:-)  I also finished sewing the baby's crib bedding!!

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