Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Anya, Happy Eight Months!

Dear Baby Girl,
How can this be?  You are already eight months old!!!!  This month:
  • You started crawling much faster....you're still digging the army crawl but have gotten on all fours a few times so I think that is right around the corner. 

  • You have gained more balance when you sit upright.  You will begin to tip backwards and catch yourself with those strong abs of yours...lol!
  • You wore your first bow...only for a few minutes because it fell out, but you had one in!  Your hair is really starting to come in.

  • You love to be read to, especially when I read you those "touch and feel" books.  Last month you always put the pages in your mouth, you still sometimes do that but not as much.  Daddy even caught you turning the pages in your hard cover color book. 

  • You eat almost everything we eat from pesto chicken pasta, to beef stew.  You love to eat food and try new things.  I feed you Cheerios a lot and we say "Cheerio darling"...okay, Mommy is a nerd.  This month you have become more efficient with the pincer grasp and enjoy feeding yourself.  Sometimes we see you using both hands to get food in your mouth.  Hungry baby!

  • You have started giving yourself a bottle when we recline you in your high chair.  You are an expert on using the sippy cup, but still occasionally tip it over to bite on the bottom.  I love watching your big cheeks suck in....so adorable!

  • You still wake up occasionally at night to nurse, but most of the time you wake up once either really early in the night (11pm) or really early (5am). 

  • You love being in the nursery at church and enjoy being held by other people.  You have no stranger or separation anxiety...I pray that that continues! Everytime we pick you up and ask how you did, they always say you are so pleasant and a happy baby. 

  • We have begun baby proofing the house...baby gates are up. 
 More interesting facts about you:
  • You are very inquisitive, observant, attentive, happy, social, and playful! 
  • You love cords, cell phones cameras, the blinds on the back door, Charlie's new duck toy (I try to keep these out of reach)
  • You are wearing size 9 months, but most of your outfits are 12 months, but they still seem a little big.  Shoe size is three. 
  • Highlights this month were celebrating your first Christmas and seeing Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tony again!
  • You can go now without bibs having to be on all the time, unlike when you were younger.  You have been off your reflux medicine for a few months now and you seem to be doing great.  You still get the hiccups from time to time but they don't seem to bother you as much.   
  • At this stage you take 2-3 naps per day and the time is always a little different each day depending on when you wake up.  Some days you sleep in the AM for an hour, other days it could be for 2.5-3 hours! The afternoon nap varies just as much.  Every night you go down around 7:00-7:30.  Daddy reads Narnia most nights when he is home. 
  • On occasion you will say "Mama", "Hi", and you have even said "Uh, Oh!"
  • Most people say you are so big.  They think you are a toddler!  I tell them you are going to be my little model:-)
  • I weighed you on our scale at home and you were exactly 20 pounds with diaper on.  Girl, you are growing so fast!
Anya Violet I love you!  You are my little sunshine:-)   Happy 8 months of life!
P.S. Here are some more photos from this month:

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