Thursday, February 14, 2013

40 Bags in 40 Days

Lent to me is the time of year to prepare my heart for the Easter season.  Every year I like to make a sacrifice and fast from something; most years being sweets.  Last year I was challenged (mid-way through the Lenten Season) by fellow blogger Mel Larson's 40 Bags in 40 Days.

I knew that for Lent 2013 I wanted to take on her challenge of cleaning out my house and either donating or throwing away 40 bags of items/ garbage in my house. At first I was wondering if I could actually make it to 40 bags; we have a small home...could I actually find 40 bags of things to get rid of?  Maybe, I'll do Wal-Mart bags, I thought.  Once again I'm reminded that this Lent challenge.  It's called a challenge because it's supposed to be hefty kitchen bags it is!  Do we have unused items in our house?  Yes.  Many of them.  Do I have clothes/ shoes that I don't wear anymore that can be used by someone in need?  Absolutely!  My goal for this season is to focus on Jesus and simplifying my life of distractions like material possessions. Many times I realize the condition of my heart looks a lot like to condition of my home.  Cute on the outside, but the inside is a mess!  Thanks be to God that I have a Savior like Jesus who cleans my heart of it's messyness! 

Here are the areas I am going to simplify and declutter:
-Master closet
-Master bathroom
-Lisa's dresser
-Josh's dresser (with his approval)
-Laundry room
-Anya's bathroom/ linen closet
-Anya's nursery
-3rd bedroom
-Office space
-Craft shelf
-Coat closet
-Family room
-Dining room
-Corolla (With Josh's approval of course)

I started today in my master closet and managed to easily rid of two bags, and I'm not even done with that space.  So I'm 2 bags down, 38 to go!

Does anyone want to join me in this challenge?  It's not too late to start!  I'd love the accountability!

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