Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anya Violet -21 months

I'm starting to lose track of how many months old you are.  Time is going way too fast!  Really, almost two?  You are growing and changing everyday, it's unbelievable!  Lately your vocabulary and communication has really skyrocketed!!!  You say new words every single day.  You are also beginning to say some phrases on a regular basis. 

Here are the words I can think of that you are saying: Mommy, Daddy, More (Sounds more like "Mom") "Char Char" for Charlie, Katie, Gigi, Papa, Please, Thank you, Pooh, Poop, Pee (You are SO ready to potty train, you've peed on the potty a few nights in a row after bath.  I'm just waiting until after Cincinnati trip to train you) Church, pray, boo boo, home, bye, hi, hello, "ring" for "Ring Around the Rosie", baby, "ba"- Paci, Elmo, treat, eat, juice (funny because you hardly ever get juice!)
And a ton more I can't think of right now.

Lately you are loving learning colors!  It seems like your new favorite color is orange. It used to be blue.  You know that Daddy loves orange too! You love saying all of your body parts...including eye brow, chin, and cheek! 

Several times during the day you initiate prayer.  You always say you want to pray for Papa's boo boo (he had heart surgery) and then you say you want to pray for Auntie Katie, and sometimes Daddy. 

My belly is really starting to grow and you are noticing.  Today we were sitting next to each other doing a puzzle and you tried to push my belly in so it doesn't stick out so far!  It was so funny!

You are my little helper!  Always wanting to lend me a hand in every chore I do.  Laundry...you are right there pushing the clean wet clothes in the dryer or pulling out the dry ones making sure to warn me that the dryer door is "hot".  Dishes...you love assisting me with dishes! I take out all the knives and then you help me with the rest.  Our fiestaware dishes are perfect for learning colors.   Vacuuming...as soon as I pull out the vacuum you begin looking for yours.  You smile as I vacuum around you because you think you are helping me!  It's adorable!  Feeding Charlie...this is your FAVORITE thing to do.  I ask you "How many scoops does Charlie get?" and you respond "two"!  I love it!  Several times during the day I catch you trying to feed Charlie more food.  Poor Charlie gets excited until Mommy tells you it's not time to feed Charlie. 

Yesterday your cousin Mary "Mar-me" (as you say) was born!  We are meeting her in a few days!!!

Anya, I absolutely love you.  I am cherishing this time when it's just the two of us.  I know these moments are fleeting.  I am very much looking forward to you being a big sister!  You will be so great at it.

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