Saturday, November 2, 2013

2 1/2, oh my!

Dear Anya,
Tomorrow is my baby girl's half birthday, which means you'll be 2 1/2 years old! When did that happen? You are seriously growing up way too fast! The last few months you have become such a big girl.  One of the most exciting things that's happened since turning two, is how you've become a big sister!!!  Now with all of the holidays coming up, Daddy and I realize how much fun this season and next are going to be with you.  We are actually able to play together now (grocery store, play dough, crafts, "boat").  You love playing tea party, asking me if I would like some tea and then you ask warm or hot.  I'm not even sure where you learned that from!  And you've also developed quite the personality too.  You are strong- willed and can be moody at times, but you are also bright, social, and playful.  You love singing songs, doing simple jigsaw puzzles, crafts "Cafts", and baking.  Boy, do you love to bake!  It's amazing how much you know about baking.  We make zucchini bread and you'll tell me to put in nutmeg!  And when we add salt you hold out your hand to do a "pinch of salt".  I enjoy baking so it's fun to have a baking buddy:-)
Meeting Oliver for the first time you were very cautious and curious.

You are not potty trained, I've tried twice now and you are just not quite ready.  You do prefer big girl panties over pull-ups, so we do a combination.  I never thought I'd say that!  I always planned on just going cold turkey, but that's one thing about parenting I never understood until I tried potty training you.  I've learned that no matter how badly I want it to happen, it won't happen if YOU aren't ready.  It's definitely a humbling experience.  I do know that one day it will click for you.  And until then we will celebrate all of the successes you have and still have the luxury of going out for long periods at a time without having to run to a public restroom.  I could write an entire post on this topic!

 You love: animals,  playing, rough-housing with Daddy, cuddling with baby Ollie, and watching Barney.  
  Love, Mommy

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