Monday, December 2, 2013

iPhone Dump...November 2013 Sights!

Date night with Hubby at Seasons 52
Hurricane hair that I love so much...
 My heart melts when she says she wants to read her Bible...

 Gigi and Oliver

 Halfway dressed like Cinderella

 I told her to put her hands on her hips...
 Still can't believe she's potty trained.  

 She got herself dressed! I love the patterns;-)

 Oliver's dedication cupcakes.  I forgot to take a picture when the tower was full;-(
 Organizing our garage, Oliver fell asleep in the Moby... I love his sweet face.
 Miss Sassy Pants

Date night at an Italian Pub before seeing Miss Saigon

Anya reasing "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  (HELP...why is there no sound?)

Happy birthday to Grandpa Harrington!  He would be 92 years old today.  Oliver's middle name, James, was named after him.  He was a WW2 Navy vet, a loving grandfather, organized and well spoken, and very involved in the lives of his children and grandchildren.  He was also a true gentleman to my Grandma for 54 years! I miss you Grandpa!!

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