Monday, May 5, 2014

Anya's GOLDEN Birthday!

My little flower turned THREE on May 3rd!  It's crazy how fast time is flying, but yet I can't even remember life before her.  Our life is so much more full with her in it!  

On Friday she had a little play date birthday party with a few friends.
Anya loved waking up to the balloons tied to the steps.  Each friend got to take one home.

Aunt Katie came to her friend party to help me out!  Thanks Katie, you are the best!!
 Cupcakes with "Gold"

Pots of gold for her buddies made out of baby food jars.  Jars were spray painted with gold glitter spray and dipped in glitter around rim.  Then I modge podged the top to seal in the glitter.
  "You are the GOLD at the end of my rainbow".  

Little Ollie J was excited for the party!

 The kids had fun playing with "Flubber".  I found the recipe here.  I added gold glitter to ours.  Super easy and quick to make, inexpensive, and clean.  The kids loved playing with it with the cookie cutters and play dough tools.
Good-bye friends.  Aren't those party hats adorable??  Anya really wanted all of her friends to have one.  I made them with scrapbooking paper and elastic.
After her friends left she got into her pot of gold.
...she chooses chocolate over cupcakes.  (I agree Anya!)
It was a fun, low key party...I definitely recommend having toddler parties as mid-day play dates if you have that option.  

The next day was Anya's birthday!  We had a low key morning, lunch at Red Robin, because Anya specifically asked to go their on her birthday, and grandparents and Aunt Katie over for dinner.

Our birthday tradition is # pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast.  This year Anya asked if I could make her Minnie pancakes too (probably because Daddy always makes those for her).  She was happy to be in charge of putting the sprinkles on top;-)

FLASHBACK to last year...I love how baby faced she looks.

Anya wanted to make me a necklace with her bead kit from Miss Courtney, Ben, and Roy.  

Lunch at "Red Robins" as Anya calls it.  She told the server she wanted broccoli and blue cheese.  She loved the singing they did for her birthday and ate the entire sundae.  She asked for an orange balloon because it's Daddy's favorite color.
 Aunt Katie said she still remembers the first time she held Anya:*)

 Daddy gave Anya her birthday bouquet.  We told her Daddy had a present for her.  After he showed her the flowers she said "Where's my present?" LOL

Annual 4:44pm picture...
Age 1
Age 2...Daddy just made it home in the knick of time.
Age 3
It feels like a New Years Countdown...I love her special time 4:44.

We got out for some fresh air.  It was a beautiful day for a birthday!

 And of course putting her in bed, I knew I needed a picture of her and her famous "Giraffe-y"!
(This giraffe was used in all of her milestone photos.)

Beautiful birthday for a beautiful girl.


  1. Awww so beautiful! I asked Emma "do you know who that is?" She says" yeah that's Anya" then she goes "awww she's so cute" LOL. Missing our neighbor :(

  2. Thanks Ari! Awww that's so cute! I need to ask Anya if she knows who Emma is. Miss you too!