Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Update: 30 Weeks

Ahhh.... still can't find my camera!  I'm not in the best shape to be rooting around searching all over for the camera.  I'm so sad because I really want to continue my weekly picture updates:*(  I took one on my phone but can't transfer it to the computer.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and it seemed to go well. My cervix has not changed which is a HUGE blessing & shows that bed rest is working!  My baby's heartbeat was strong and healthy!  I had no contractions during the stress test which was great too!!  Tomorrow I will find out the results of the Fetal Fibro test that I had done again today.  We are praying for a negative result so that I will have two weeks of relief knowing I will not go into labor within the next two weeks.  I am going to continue bed rest for awhile... at least for the next month, if not for good.  We'll see what happens.

This week Josh and I have really been tested in our faith and trust in God.  A stressful situation is going on at his school and we are praying that he gets rehired and tenured for next year.  Please join us in prayer that he has a job for next year.  God has always provided for us and we continue to trust in Him for giving us all we will ever need! 

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of baby: She is over 3 pounds- about the size of a cabbage

Maternity Clothes: I wear a mix of maternity and regular clothes, pajama pants are my favorite now that I am on bed rest.

Gender: It's a girl!!!

Movement: She is VERY active - especially after I eat!!

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good!

What I miss: Running, walking Charlie, my hubby (he's doing musical right now so I never see him) doing household chores around the house for Josh

Cravings: This week I was craving a hamburger, curly fries, w/ pickles and a banana split blizzard from DQ.  Fruit always tastes good... especially blueberries!!!

Symptoms: Cramping, heart burn, and some contractions

Best Moment this week: Spending time with Courtney- she made me a delicious pizza, and when I received the bed rest package from my friends at work.  Made my day!!

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