Monday, May 6, 2013

Anya's 2nd birthday

Anya's 2nd birthday was a lot colder than last year...only in the upper 40s and it was rainy.  But that didn't stop us from having fun!  Once the birthday girl woke up (slept in until 9:00!) we had a special birthday breakfast just the two of us, complete with sprinkle pancakes.

 Anya gets to eat a giant "2"
 All morning Anya kept saying "Happy Anya, Happy Anya" it was so sweet.
 And Mommy gets a Mickey Mouse:-)

Later in the morning we headed out to an open gym with Michelle and Zeke.  Anya had the time of her life!  I don't think I've ever seen her more excited.  Ever!

 It was so hard to get a picture (in focus) of Anya.  She was running around like a mad woman! :)
Afterwards we went to Noodles and Company with Michelle and Zeke.  It definitely is satisfying to two pregnant women!  We made a quick stop at Target and then it was home again for naps.

For dinner Gigi, Papa, Mama, Papa, and Auntie Katie came over for pizza, birthday cake, and presents.  Anya was so thrilled to see everyone she loves so much in one place.  It was the perfect way to end her birthday!

It's a tradition to take a picture of Anya and Daddy next to the time she was born 4:44pm.  I took this picture of Anya alone first because I didn't think Josh would make it in time....
 But then he ran in the door just in time!!!  It turned out totally blurry though:-(

 Puzzles from Aunt Cindy, Uncle Tony, and Mary.  Can you tell Anya loves cows?!?

 Minnie backpack from Gigi and Papa!
 Patiently waiting for her birthday cake...carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum!
 Gigi got Anya Elmo cupcake PJs, perfect to wear the night before her cupcake party!!!
 Doing puzzles with Papa!
 Grandmama and Anya (Anya was starting to get mad at all the pictures I was taking.)
Happy 2nd birthday, Anya!  Cupcake Party post coming soon!

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