Monday, January 6, 2014

Freeze Day #1, Day #2 tomorrow!

Greetings from  Chicago ahem, the Artic circle! (Nerd!)

What a way to start off the year!  Just when we thought Christmas break was ending, Josh gets a phone call saying school was cancelled because of the extreme cold temperatures.  Woohoo!!!!!
Hey! It's "warming up" this morning my phone said -17! Wind chills are up to -50 below wind chill.  If you don't know what wind chill means....I'm jealous;-)
I thought I'd take a few pictures to capture our day of hibernating.
Good morning!  Beautiful looking day outside, but don't let that sun fool you.  I do love how the sun warms up our house.
Poor Charlie practically froze.  I'm so thankful for our heat and home! 

9 am Coffee and homemade pumpkin bread for breakfast.  Josh let me sleep in...I woke up at 8:30.  
This little guy woke up at 9!  It's so nice to have a late sleeper.
Listening to some classic Christmas songs on Pandora.  I'm not ready to give it up just yet. 
Almost, but not quite.
Great candle. Great price.  Jewel! 
After lunch we made some peanut butter cracker sandwiches dipped in chocolate.  These are so easy and so good!  Crackers (Ritz or Club) + peanut butter + almond bark
Anya was more interested in eating the crackers than dipping them in chocolate.  Then Josh blast chilled them outside.  The chocolate hardened in a few seconds, awesome that we are putting that cold air to good use;-)
 The blast chiller got us thinking we should do a few below-zero experiments.  First we boiled water and threw it in the air.  It freezes super quick so even the steam from the water freezes.  It looks very cool!  Josh also tried blowing bubbles to watch them freeze, but it was too windy and we were frozen by this point so we ran inside.  

Then we made peppermint schnapps hot chocolate.  Thanks Joey and Lauren!  We are putting your gifts to use again;-)

 Anya loves hot chocolate...without the schnapps, that is.

 These crackers are delicious.  
 Cheers to Day #2 of school cancellations!  We tend to "cheer" with Glogg when given news of great joy!  I love Josh's "win" of these glasses from our Egbers' Family white elephant exchange.  He won Grandma's "Ziggy" glasses!!

 We have six doves that sit outside on our patio furniture.  Today I only saw five....:-(  Gotta love the random tiki torch I forgot to bring inside in the fall.  Reminding me one day we will have warm days again...


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