Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Dunes

We just got back from our mini-vaca to the Michigan Dunes.  We camped for one night at Warren Dunes State Park, and had a great time! 

We left after church on Sunday and headed straight out there after the service.  Our site was origionally in full sun...and with temps in the 90s that was not going to be fun for us or Anya.  Josh, being the wonderful husband that he is, talked to the ranger and they switched us to the site right next door to our original.  It was private and shaded! 

Once we set up the tent and site, we headed to the lake to have some beach fun!  Anya loved the water and sand.  It was so adorable watching her be so brave and have a blast.  Even though she was exhausted, she was such a trooper. 
We grilled brauts for dinner.  Josh built an awesome contraption for grilling our brauts over the fire using our propane grill rack and a skewer.  Did you know they can be spelled Brat (English) or Braut (German)???  Randomness...
Anya wanted mine. 
 Anya and I enjoyed sitting around the campfire in our chairs.  Anya loves her hippo chair from Grandpa Nilsson.
 The dunes were huge!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  We climbed up to the top and enjoyed the beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

 Between the branch and leaves we could see the Chicago skyline...mainly the Sears Tower.  Can you see it?

 We saw animal footprints at the top.

 Little Miss fell asleep on Daddy's back.  Just like this.  It was so sweet to see!
We ate lunch at a really good burger place and got shakes to go. I wish I had taken a picture at the restaurant. 

Next time we go to the dunes we hope to check out the clay pit!

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