Friday, June 29, 2012

Decorating for the 4th

July is my favorite month, and I can't believe it is almost here!  I have been spending some of my down time crafting and decorating to make our home more festive. 

Welcome to my home!

I created a simple wreath for my front door.  A few years back I bought very cheap 4th of July fabric at Walmart.  I tore the fabric into long strips; tearing gives it a frayed look which I love.  I hot glued the fabric around a straw wreath I bought from Goodwill for $1.  Then I took white fabric and made rosettes and hot glued them on.  The twigs and berries were from a Christmas decorating I almost gave to Goodwill, but am so glad I didn't!  I like the organic feel the twigs give to the wreath.   
My fireplace mantel is my favorite place to decorate for different seasons and holidays because you see it when you first walk into my house.  The gumball machine was Josh's when he was growing up.  I love the red that it brings to this space.

I had leftover scrapbook paper from a Christmas pack that I used to make this simple banner.  I tied it together with scraps of red fabric. 

My lime green pillows needed a transformation for I made easy- peasy
pillowcase slipcovers!

 Yes, I raided Anya's toybox for some blocks.  I don't think she minds if I borrow them for the month!  Fortunately they were all red and blue!  I just scuffed them up with sandpaper to make them look not so new.  Yes, I had to get creative with the "M".
 I love this printable "God Bless America...Land that I Love".  It went perfect in this frame my mother-in-law gave me.  My talented sister Katie made the book page flowers. Isn't she great?  I love them!!!
 Miss Anya Violet begged me to get a picture of her.  Eating cheerios and rocking in her chair...I love that girl!

Add some RED, WHITE, and BLUE to your home.  I dare ya!

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