Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Bruiser

I've had this entry in my drafts for a week now...I had to get a picture to go with it. 

It happened.  My adventurous monkey flipped over the handle bars of her BFF's mini "tricycle".
Waiting for that cry to start was terrible!  I knew it would be a screamer and it definitely was. 
"Paci" at a time like this is a life saver!  It's amazing how that small piece of plastic can bring so much comfort to her. She wouldn't let me put ice on it because it was so painful, so I didn't force it. Fortunately she didn't bleed much and her teeth are okay.  Thank you God!
About 15 minutes after falling, she was walking around playing as if nothing happened.  Hopefully she will heal up quickly!

Nothing will stop this little one from getting to her food!
A few days later, a dear friend of ours dropped off a very thoughtful "get better soon" basket for Anya.  It was adorable...complete with baby gummies, a "Dora" ice pack, "Veggie Tales" band-aids, and Neosporin.  Anya sure is loved! 
She's actually already healed...babies heal quickly!  Good thing because I didn't like seeing her little face like this!!

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